Bedico Parkway 435: Ron Lee Enterprises Inc. to Lawrence T. Faucheux and Kelley Lynn Faucheux, $554,000. Covington Point Drive 701: Robert R. Taylor Jr. and Aimee Morgan Taylor to Kayla C. Aparicio, $215,000. Mill Road 72011: Wylene J. Jones Reid Estate to Caleb A. Copeland and Karen H. Copeland, $28,000. Beau Arbre Court 178: Carol William Keay testamentary trust to Annod LLC, $269,400. Tall Timbers subdivision, lot 210: Ronald S. Ruiz and Jill M. Cambais Ruiz to Miles R. Coate, $55,000. 350, Unit 11101: $90,000, Lisa Katherine Schero to Lisa Giardina Devalcourt. 2,719 Sq. Chris Kennedy Road, portion of ground: Randall L. Erickson to Michael Kaufmann Sr., $65,000. Magnolia Ridge Loop 65261: Coast Builders LLC to Patricia C. Todd and Robert C. Todd, $299,125. Penn Mill Road 73295: $100,000, Arleen Kae Federico Landry, Karleen Marie F. Pilet and others to Marvin J. Mann and Amber Chanel Lurry Mann. Sunset Circle 62198: $211,000, Rodney W. Boyd and Andrea B. Boyd to Elizabeth M. Dahl and Franklyn G. Dahl. Lane St. 706: $176,000, Joseph E. Cain and Holly L. Cain to David R. Demos. Autumn Woods Drive 279: $249,000, Hubert A. Herre, Diana C. Herre and Julia A. Herre to Keith Dufren. Lake Placid Drive 71073: Tyler Gravley and Chelsee E. Lamarca Gravley to Steven Hontiveros, $225,000. Lamarque St. 209: Richard S. Danielson and Stephanie C. Danielson to Alex B. Duplechin and Meghan P. Duplechin, $770,000. Saint Tammany Parish LA Zip Codes; Slidell Waterfront Homes for Sale; Rue Marcelle 133: Varuso Gioe Construction LLC to Tammy Doucet and Peggy Pennison, $339,900. Chubasco Lane 205: Brennen J. Dauzat to Leonard Dauzat, donation, no value stated. Olympic Court 103: Tessa M. Verdin to Timothy D. Ryan Jr., donation, no value stated. Green and Leanne Green, $316,000. Canal St. 4416, 4420: $19,500, Tiffany Ann Woods Smith to Christy Ann Scott Armand. Hillcrest Country Club Estates, lot 16, square 14: Heather A. Williams to Deborah Chauvin Anglada, $5,000, donation. See a list of home and other sales Business Posted on AllSides December 29th, 2022 Save for Later From The Center Aberdeen Drive 143: $355,000, Tigran Tshorokhyan and Karine M. Tshorokhyan to Joseph T. Mannina Jr. and Pamela R. Mannina. Forest Pines subdivision, lot 56, square C: Johnny E. Terrell and Carolyn T. Terrell to Terrence E. Terrell Sr., donation, no value stated. Intrepid Drive 113: $328,000, Richard Barr to James R. Rabe, Joshua D. Rabe and Jessica S. Passolt Rabe. Shown here: three homes, i, Other We are thrilled to share that we are currently converting to a new, modern assessment system: Arist. Charlene Drive 36160: Steven C. Eagle to Michael C. Brashear and Stephanie P. Brashear, $95,000. White Heron Drive 182: Robin Huber Smith to Pamela W. Harrelson, $165,000. The Surrogate's Courthouse (also the Hall of Records and 31 Chambers Street) is a historic building at the northwest corner of Chambers and Centre Streets in the Civic Center of Manhattan in New York City.Completed in 1907, it was designed in the Beaux Arts style. Real Estate. Cloverland Drive 27277: $130,000, Joshua P. Elliott and Kaitlyn T. Perque to James L. Inman. Bradbury Place 2324: $285,331, Level Construction and Development LLC to Carl Barry Wilderotter. Lourdes Lane 230: Ruthenea Accardo to Linda F. Accardo, donation, no value stated. Bay Tree Manor Drive 124: $490,000, Greenduck Covington LLC to Ronald F. Broussard Jr. Beauregard Parkway 905: $405,000, John W. Stewart Jr. to Alexander T. Richard. The Village in Covington subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 162: Matthew L. Devereaux and Caroline S. Devereaux to Lucas Ward and Regen M. Ward, $475,000. Dogwood St. 207: $190,000, Edwin Lara and Tatiana Lara to Crystal Ross. Alexiusville subdivision, lots 1-B, 1-C, 2-B, 2-C: Schneider Family irrevocable trust to Shaoming Lu, $23,500. Allen Road 73198: $110,000, Varnado Construction Management LLC to Victor J. Ortiz Rodriguez and Reina Garcia Ferrar. Fairway Drive 73529: $249,000, Thomas E. Pace to Christopher J. Titus. Oak St. 530: $337,500, Michael F. Wood and Jennifer M. Wood to Lorie Sciara Duval. First Lake Drive 7457: D.R. Data is compiled from public records. Pelican Bay Drive 873: $239,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Katrina Marie Cousin. SLIDELL, LA The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office or STPSO has announced the list of delinquent properties on June 16, 2021, edition of the St. Tammany Farmer. 1 LLC to 301 Atalin LLC. Ponderosa Ranches subdivision, Phase 5, lot 149: M. Natal Contractor Inc. to Gary W. Buie and Debra A. Buie, $35,000. The St. Tammany Parish Arrest Records Search (Louisiana) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to St. Tammany Parish public records. Iroquois Drive 110: Parish Property Investment Group LLC to Stepfan M. Livaudais and Hope E. Livaudais, $236,500. Marais River Drive 4382: $259,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tracy L. Johnson and Jontelle L. Reed. Guste Island Estates, lot 250: $330,950, BMI Construction LLC to Jennifer Johnson. Bayou Melun Estates, lot 36: Salvatore J. Impastato and Debra D. Delaney to A-1 Home Builders LLC, donation, no value stated. Spartan Loop 429: $250,000, Elizabeth A. McQueary Damron to Rodney C. Graham. South Lane 1690: Schech Properties Inc. to Sarawak Holdings LLC, $750,000. Racehorse Road 69475: Margaret Hebert Pier and Nancy M. Eschette to 4KYM LLC, $15,000. Everest Drive 134: $260,000, Edward P. Jann Jr. to Stedman Harris. 110, Unit 110: $99,500, Frederic T. Daunis III to Timothy Gagliano and Karen Gagliano. Guillory Road 62052: $224,000, Dominic M. Newell and Amanda N. Newell to Paulette B. Descant. Boxelder Court 105: Warshauer Construction Co. LLC to Paul M. Hatteberg and Tara J. Hatteberg, $490,000. Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $220,000, George Maltais and Robynne Maltais Living Trust to Scott T. Richardson and Katherine L. Wynne. Merion Circle 208: $620,000, Peter J. Morreale Jr. and Barbara B. Morreale to James M. Crane and Christina L. Crane. At approximately 0900 hours, the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office Investigations Division, Property Crimes Unit, was notified of the possibility of stolen property being present at that location. Lake of Greenleaves subdivision, Phase 2-A, lot 78: Kurt A. Richardson and Marimi L. Richardson to James C. Potter and Andrea Potter, $550,000. Data. Near Pearl River, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, James Polk and Raymond Polk Jr. to Robert Yates. Bayou Liberty Estates, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Scott M. Bell to Frank W. Bell and Carolyn L. Bell. Hay Hollow Road 84020: $23,000, Magee Financial LLC of Covington to Marquita N. Weems. Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-2, lot 168: $162,750, Terra Bella Group LLC to Leon Lewis Foster and Elizabeth E. Foster. E. Spruce Lane 60385: $62,000, James R. Crawford to Sheila Hinkel Montgomey. Walter Drive 3565: Rhonda V. Theaux Riette to Sandra Sims, $255,000. Date Party A Event Property / Party B Unit / Mortgage Tammany Hills subdivision, lots 9, 11, square 92: $135,500, Lisa Giardina Devalcouft to Justin L. King. Near Lacombe, portion of ground: $13,491, St. Tammany Parish to Itzel De Leon. Riverlake Drive 14420: James E. Cavallo Jr. and Kelly C. Cavallo to Alexis R. Jimenez and Christina O'Berry Jimenez, $238,000. Rue D'Azur 125: $420,000, Dennis E. Westfall and Cynthia Rae Westfall to Yolanda B. Miller. Scuba Certification; Private Scuba Lessons; Scuba Refresher for Certified Divers; Try Scuba Diving; Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) Lacombe Park subdivision, lot 4, square 6: $10,885, St. Tammany Parish to Itzel DeLeon. Penrose St. 1434: $215,000, Popham Properties LLC to Qamar Jafri and Jenna Hollander. Magnolia Ridge subdivision, Phase 1-B, lot 38, square B: Ronald S. Strickland to Linda L. Strickland, $130,000. Teal Road 73155: $35,000, FJ Investment Properties LLC to HMM Development LLC. Dummyline Road 333: $700,000, William C. Sims to Julious C. Sims and Josephine E. Sims. Longue View Place 604: $358,000, Michael M. Franz and Marianne S. Franz to Richard Bordes and Geralyn B. Bordes. Leeds St. 204: $372,000, George J. Thorne and Patsy B Thorne to Stuart R. Duncan Sr. and Carmen H. Branton. E. Queens Drive 225: Joseph P. Casbeer and Daisy Minso Casbeer to J&E Properties LLC, $113,000. Pine Grove Loop 656: $340,775, William T. Bartlett to STL Property Investments LLC. You have permission to edit this article. Jefferson Ave. 112: $42,000, James E. Davis to Bonnie Lee Cure. Savannahs subdivision, Phase 6-A, lot 261: Megan L. Vetter to Matthew Loker, $228,000. Fourth St. 70146: donation, no value stated, Keenya S. Warner Morel to Keith A. Morel Sr. Golden Meadow Drive 209: $70,000, Northpointe Development LLC to Nathaniel P. Judge and Ashley W. Judge. Lakeshore Estates, Phase 2-B, lot 78: $80,000, Quynh Nhu Thuy Pham to Hai M. Lam. TAMMANY Transfers for March 22-26 ABITA SPRINGS Barque Place 71220: $249,000, Janine LeBlanc Tanner to Jonathan Schaeffer. St. Tammany property transfers, April 26-30, 2021: See a list of home and other sales May 20, 2021 - 5:45 am Below is a compilation of properties sold in St. Tammany Parish from April ,. Labarre St. 1846: Aliaksandr Shostak to Michael J. Harper and Chelsea A. Hale, $255,800. Mit den umseitigen Quellen knnen Sie das leicht nachprfen. St. Tammany property transfers Aug. 20-25, 2021: See a list of home and other sales K West St. 70372: Riley A. Dimaggio to Brian A. Dartus, $195,000. Cialona Road 1006: $450,000, Jerry T. Tadlock Jr and Stacy B. Tadlock to Carl J. Ravey and Annette M. Hulin Ravey. Salmen subdivision, lot 2, square 4: $10,000, Windy Hills Land Development LLC to Bryson Johnson. N. Braxton Drive 107: James McQuary and Beth S. McQuary to Christopher J. Siciliano and Jenny J. Siciliano, $165,000. Behrman St. 56703: Lucious L. Wiliams III and Nanette F. Williams to Southern Elite Investments LLC, $32,500. Dublin Court 105: $339,000, Kenneth Lacoste to Kenneth W. Lacoste Jr. E. Lakeshore Village Drive 716: $258,065, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Darrick D. Bickham Sr. and Michaleen K. Bickham. st tammany property transfers, april 2021; programdatanvidia corporationnv_cache st tammany property transfers, april 2021. vegetarian eggs benedict calories. W. Forest Drive 149: Justin D. Ellenberger and Elena M. Ellenberger to Larry Henry and Lisa B. Henry, $235,000. Delta Ridge Ave. 6848: D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Amber N. Ward, $391,000. Near Folsom, portion of ground: $535,000, Ernest D. Smitherman III and Joan Pusch Smitherman to Jason Dodgen. Edgar Kennedy Road 74042: Myra Marie Moran Singletary, Vicky Jo Moran Baker and Sylvia Rene Moran to John G. Virga and Lisa A. Reck Virga, $275,000. Near Folsom, portion of ground: $125,000, Raymond J. Liotta and Althea K. Liotta to Rhonda Haas. Centennial Park subdivision, lot 15, square 5, lot 4, square 12: Charles M. Mowen III, Chanon M. McGhee, Perry G. Peppo and Cherie Mowen to Kenneth W. Pommier, $22,000. Willow Circle 203: Nakia M. Wide and Sarah T. Wide to Brian E. Nuss and Jessica G. Nuss, $360,000. Emerald Forest Blvd. Green Woods subdivision, lot 9: $65,000, Eugene J. Veillon Jr. to Leroy F. Olsen Jr.and Tarah H. Olsen. Astronomy API. Ogden Road 80799: $1,200,000, Kathryn Gayle Wittich to Jacob Y. Cowden-Garofalo and Valerie Gordon Cowden-Garofalo. Towers Building. Money Hill Plantation subdivision, Phase 2-B, homesite 145: Succession of Charles J. Bordlee Jr. to Steven E. Whiteside and Janet C. Whiteside, $115,000. Slidell Ave. 2691: $15,000, Levie G. Johnson III to Mustafa K.D. Beech Drive 6: $245,000, Schech Properties Inc. to Shawna R. Smith. General Inquiry Advanced Search Subscribe Make a Payment. Forest Ridge subdivision 1085: $248,000, Succession of Oliver L. Gable and Lloyd M. Dennis Jr. to Karla Y. Reyes. 350, Unit 10103: Sandra Ann Stromeyer to Philip L. Kitchen III, $110,000. Heavens Drive 741, Unit 5: $92,000, Scott K. Quillin and Jane W. Quillin to Carla M. Verdin. W. Pearl Drive 155: $320,000, Lee Living Trust to Matthew R. Suttles and Lisa Jochum Suttles. Below is a compilation of properties sold in St. Tammany Parish from April 4-9, 2021. 2327: $139,900, Nicholas C. Leggio and Randie K. Leggio to Lionel E. Celestin Jr. W. Silver Maple Drive 121: donation, no value stated, Erin Wymer Rosentreter to Steven J. Rosentreter and Courtney Muggridge Hogan. Chateau Grimaldi 412: Danielle V. Henderson to Darren S. Ehrlicher and Julie B. Ehrlicher, $440,000. Regatta Cove 1557: David A. Delatte and Debra T. Delatte to Michael J. Ryan and Lauren T. Ryan, $64,500. st tammany property transfers, april 2021 Call us today! Cross Gates Blvd. Young. Near Covington, portion of ground: Robin Bode M. Colomb to Cadis Investments LLC, $30,000. Terrace Lake Drive 418: DSLD Homes LLC to Tammy Lynne Bacon, $228,460. Tavern Court 69316: $269,900, Keith J. Labauve and Jenifer M. Labauve to Cecil L. Taylor and Stephanie Folse Taylor. Goldenwood Drive 264: $270,000, Yee Poon Wong and Cheung T. Wong to Terrence Collins. 350: $1,000, Edward J. Lancaster to Daniel K. Debo and Wendy L. Debo Family Trust. The parish's motion to join the 2021 suit will be heard Thursday in state court in Chalmette. Destin St. 2041: McKayla D. Everly, Mia N. Ponceti and Edward B. Bensen IV to Joseph A Ponceti III, $173,333. Heatherstone Lane 104: David K. Frank and Dolores C. Frank to James Callis and Ragan E. Benton Callis, $275,000. 350, Unit 12102: Jennifer D. Coco to Troy K. Anderson and Doris C. Booker Anderson, $105,000. Gratitude Drive 104: Laurie Miller Mccants to Joann P. Wright and Melissa Ann Gault, $217,000. Maison du Lac subdivision, Phase 3-B, lot 281: GT General Contractors LLC to Steven T. Ahrons Sr. and Lydia S. Demarest, $57,500. Evergreen Drive 315: $290,000, Michael A. Yoli and Sharon M. Yoli to Patrick Munaco and Jamie Brady Munaco. Near Covington, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Roy L. Ham and Gayle T. Ham to Angela Ham Valentino. Holly Drive 4221: $160,000, Matthew E. Havard to Edgar A. Artiga. Onesime Faciane subdivision, lot 7: Easy Property LLC to Loreto L. Migliore, $13,500. Pontchartrain Drive 4809: $233,000, Schubail Bopp LLC to Ronald E. Russell Jr. and Jamie C. Russell. Guste Island Estates, lot 241: K.P.M. Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $515,000, Parish Concrete LLC to Turtle Creek Apartments West LLC. Mountain Ash Drive 1225: Corey J. Audibert and Sacha D. Audibert to Tracy D. Green, $275,500. Dona Drive 210: $140,000, Daniel J. How . Litolff subdivision, lot 26, square 1: Joseph A. Ruffino to Jill A. Chatelain, $160,000. Eagle St. 73253: Ernesto Abdo and Ramona M. Abdo to Octavio D. Garcia and Paola Deleon Lopez, $18,000. Harmony Heights subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, William M. Carrouche to Rene W. Carrouche. * * * Consent to receive Email 37062. Brittany Drive 61324: Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2019-3 to Ancar Properties LLC, $179,900. SOLD NOV 10, 2022. Sixth St. 70010: $200,000, Luel Lodato to Cory J. Lacrouts. Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $83,500, John C. Vastola and Deborah Q. Vastola to Vanessa Luna. Martin Road 14011: $164,000, Roger M. Cornelius and Cecily Cornelius-White to Timothy W. Young and Loretta A. The list is published in anticipation of the annual tax sale on July 19, 2021. Bedico Creek subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 4: $108,500, Bedico Interests LLC to Ron Lee Enterprises Inc. Bedico Trail Lane 8013: $395,000, Jaco Construction LLC to Leon G. Guidry and Richelle Lyons Guidry. Winford Arbor Lane 160: D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Du Duc Nguyen and Mandy Lynn Nguyen, $308,900. Teakwood Circle 522: $214,500, Joseph P. Bogantes and Linda Ann McFadden-Bogantes to William J. Monti and Elaine G. Myers. Jan 2023. River Bluff Drive 82: Travis Paul Groves and Allison G. Groves to Matthew Provencher and Kristin Provencher, $725,000. Beau Chene subdivsion, Phase 2, lot 670: $467,500, Elizabeth Marcello to Robert R. Burton III. Property Records Search: Bourgeois Scott. Napoleon Ave. 345: donation, no value stated, Jeffrey F. Bell to Frank W. Bell and Carolyn L. Bell. Franklin St. 1422: $126,500, Cynthia Elgiar Allemand to Wesley Blanchard. Carey St. 3221: $79,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to William J. Pitre Jr. and Jared M. McDaniel. Saw Grass Loop 359: $303,105, DSLD Homes LLC to Edwin A. Belle Grove Court 201: John G. Finch Construction LLC to Daniel J. Zardon and Bailee Marie O. Zardon, $267,000. Turf Drive 74385: $221,070, DSLD Homes LLC to Esco Powell III and Alisha M. Powell. Old Landing subdivision, lot 112: Nicholas A. Ponthieux and Constance B. Ponthieux to Nick M. Cascio Jr. and Caitlyn G. Cascio, $75,000. Saint Paul St. 1132: $190,000, James Lynn Blakey to Hunter K. Emelio. Bedico Creek subdivision, lot 640: $92,000, Highland Homes Inc. to Stephen E. Campbell and Jennie McNeill Naccari Campbell. Hook Island Lane 3961: D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tan D. Nguyen and Tram Bich Pham Nguyen, $371,000. Near Pearl River, lot 2: Yvonne D. Walker, Alisha R. Beiser Murray and Clarence D. McQueen to Carl L. McQueen, donation, no value stated. Sold 02/09/2023. Ft. 38 Mark Smith Dr, Mandeville, LA 70471. Continental Drive 1633: $346,563, Level Construction and Development LLC to Dayle Ann Fuxan. motorcycle accident yesterday port st lucie 9, Juin, 2022. sunderland stadium seating plan; Grande Maison Blvd. E. Forest Drive 135: $213,000, Vicki Love Stroup to Timothy Neal Mitchell and Anthony R. Mitchell. B St. 70403: Linda Hartman Wawak to James A. Lakeshore Village Drive 649: $276,000, Carl L. Warner and Micha R. Warner to Thao Le and Ngan Phuong Phan. Robinhood Drive 265: $350,000, Omega Stone Real Estate LLC to Chandler Sistrunk Luke and William A. Luke. N. Beau Chene Drive 637: Charles P. Holmes to Allen A. Oxford and Ruby E. Oxford, $265,000. Gramka Road 35355: $400,000, William F. McCoy to Brad McCoy and April M. McCoy. Parkview Blvd. Heatherstone Lane 108: Craig Alan Thomas and Holly O'Neal Thomas to Lauren W. Snowaert, $410,000. View Buy/Sell Events by Individual, Organization, or Property Address. Juniper Court 177: $390,000, Crosby Development Co. LLC to Charles V. Guilbault Jr. and Tara B. Guilbault. Near Slidell, lot 14: Deborah Ann Torregano Brown, Anita Maria D. Spears Parker and Myra Jean D. Brown to Boris L. Allen Sr. and Shantell B. Allen, $156,000. River Forest Country Club subdivision, lot 2, square 3: $22,500, Leonard Peneguy to Peace Enterprises LLC. Deloaks subdivision, lot 41: $155,000, Anthony J. Zelenka and Margaret G. Zelenka to Nicholas P. Trist IV and Mary M. Cressy Trist. Trace Court 803: $200,000, Elizabeth P. Johnson Williamson to Joshua P. Richert. Property managers; Home inspectors; Other pros; Home improvement pros; Home builders; Real estate photographers; . Katie Court 425: donation, no value stated, Cynthia H. Peed to Stephen M. Looney. Note: The charges and bail amounts may change after court appearances and may not be current. Abita Springs Terrace subdivision, lot 33-A, square 16-X: $33,000, KKM Interest LLC to HMM Development LLC. Honeysuckle Drive, portion of ground: $130,000, Robert D. Meadows and Jamie A. Godofsky Meadows to Mark D. Todd. W. 19th Ave. 923: $230,000, Kevin M. Giles and Elaine H. Giles to Samuel N. Jones and Charlotte V. Jones. Hook Island Lane 3965: $326,650, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Kevin Thong Quoc Vu and Huyen Thi Mong Tran. St. Tammany property transfers, April 19-23, 2021: See a list of home and other sales. White Heron Drive 100: DSLD Homes LLC to James Roscoe III and Tyrieca A. Roscoe, $187,670. See a list of home and other sales - I-12 Mandeville, LA EzeRoad >> Interstate 12 >> Louisiana >> Mandeville >> News Reports St. Tammany property transfers, Jan. 18-23, 2023. 520 Old Spanish Trail. Home facts updated by county records on Feb 24, 2023. Data is compiled from public records. You have permission to edit this article. Wing Court 1321: Panno Construction LLC to Charles R. Linn and Mary Brown Linn, $547,607. St. Tammany County, LA Recently Sold Homes 2,362 Homes Sort by Sold Date Brokered by Latter & Blum Inc/REALTOR Sold - Dec 16, 2022 Sold Price Not Available 4 bed 3 bath 2,830 sqft 1151 Tallow. St. Tammany property transfers, Dec. 6-Dec. 12, 2022. Madison Ridge Estates, Phase 2-A, lot 45: Darliss Curtis Camper and Tanya Zenon Camper to Timothy Harris Dardar, $52,000. st tammany property transfers, april 2021 st tammany property transfers, april 2021. st tammany property transfers, april 2021 09 Jun st tammany property transfers, april 2021. House Road 20147: donation, no value stated, Susan E. Masters to Ashley E. Hebert. Chambly Court 70332: $248,000, Byron D. McDaniel Jr. and Rachel L Gibson McDaniel to Mark Russell. Nolan Road, portion of ground: Gregory J. Caston to Michael T. Buckholtz, $40,000. Emerald Forest Blvd. Turning Leaf Lane 217: donation, no value stated, Christopher G. Guthrie to Suzette G. Gomez. Terrace Lake Drive 458: $236,280, DSLD Homes LLC to Robert Naquin III. Close to Chance M. Cruz, $250,000. Spartan Drive 505, Unit 3209: Cynara Cranwell to Edward R. Satter Jr. and Leslie M. Satter, $120,000. Water Oak Lane 448: Todd A. Welch and Teresa Lynn Welch to Ruel Basiloy, $252,500. Jefferson Ave. 20121: Erich L. Kraus and Stacey S. Kraus to Austin Hebert, $218,000. 2.5 Baths. Autumn Ridge Drive 61360: $396,000, Sidney K. Ervin and Jessica G. Ervin to Aaron R. Roueche and Christie C. Roueche. Walden Place 6011: Cynthia Y. Seruntine to Brian D. Grubb, $550,000. Victoria Way 1560: Robert W. Close Jr. and Amy B. Emerald Forest Blvd. The extent of his injuries are unknown at this time. Find out what homes are worth in Saint Tammany Parish, LA. Cloverland Road 27150: $55,000, Emily J. Cofer to Joseph P. Arnoult and Cynthia Wolf Elliott. Helenbirg Road 20273: $215,000, Michael P. Burke and Elizabeth S. Burke to Tyler L. Adrian Cozad and Stephanie C. Jones. North End no. Headwaters Drie 2470: donation, no value stated, Byron J. Hubbard to Brittany Smith Hubbard. 2 subdivision, lots 20, 29, 32: $50,000, Victor V. Molinary II to Totally Awesome Properties LLC. The 15 year-old student was subsequently arrested for L.R.S. Hook Island Lane 3956: $268,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Aaron O. Jones. Recently Sold Home in St. Tammany Parish: Tchefuncte River Camp with over 9 acres of land! APN. Magnolia Bend 123: John S. Case and Brenda L. Case to Alan D. Case and Katie M. Clark, $338,000. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office deputies were alerted Thursday (January 28) evening, after school administrators were notified, after school hours that a student was seen earlier in the day with a weapon on the school campus. . 411: $108,000, Kimberly R. Costanza to Ryan Young and Megan P. Young. Closed for lunch from 1-2 p.m. HOA fees are common within condos and some single-family home neighborhoods. Bennett Drive 110: $252,000, Paula Gail Fitzmorris Ellis and Linda Fitzmorris Maureau to Jacob M. Frost. Willow Wood Drive 115: Roxi Lee Wilson to Sophia C. Johnson, $235,000. Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-1, lot 723: Terra Bella Group to Team 317 Development LLC, $210,105. Slidell Manor subdivision, lot 7, square 12: K&B Homebuilders LLC to Jacob R. Lain, $182,000. Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 24, square 19: donation, no value stated, Alex Briscoe Jr. to James Briscoe. Wood Jr. Burnham subdivision, lot 31: George T. Decker to Verlie D. Simmons, $25,000. 2 subdivision, lot 1, square 14: $60,000, Succession of Thomas M. Griffith and Patricia D. Griffith to Anis Y. Kassim and Samraa A. Hossin Kassim. These can include St. Tammany Parish death certificates, local and Louisiana State death registries, and the National Death Index. 101: $573,000, Yvette D. Pacaccio to Mark A. Massey and Angela S. Massey. Joshua Loop 204: $325,000, Equity Trust Co. to Lany V. Gaudet. Pine St. 36561: Billie M. Lingo and Lacie V. Lingo to Bobbie Lee Metzler and Jessica R. Lingoni, $340,000. Cherry St. 1505: $115,000, Justin R. Seamen and April W. Seamen to Cody Lodriguss and Shea C. Lodriguss. Dale Crest subdivision, lot 15, square 35: Alan D. Case and Katie M. Clark to Kyle N. Jackson, $108,000. Home. Below is a compilation of properties sold in St. Tammany Parish from April 4-9, 2021. Brighton Lane 310: Scott A. Oestriecher, Keri L. Caruso and Anthony H. Oestriecher to Corey J. Rabalais and Jenna Grace C. Rabalais, $290,000. Read more on Mandeville Heights Farm No. Maison du Lac subdivision, Phase 3-B, lot 279: $335,000, GT General Contractors LLC to Jackie D. Smith. Oriole Drive 348: Philip J. Ramos to Kimberly Pikes, $159,000. East St. 30054: $194,400, BGM Housing LLC to Andrew D. Peffley and Lisa R. Peffley. Rosewood Drive 13316, Unit C: $175,000, Jeannine Slipher LLC to Paul H. Mattingly. Other Place Saint Etienne 746: $420,000, Stirling C. Heath and Rachel D. Heath to Linda M. Weymouth. Collins Blvd.1625: $235,000, Citizens Bank & Trust Co. to Fenchez LLC. Copperman Court 1219: donation, no value stated, Christian G. Smith to Kelly Marie Haury Smith. Drury Lane 216: Jennifer M. Salazar to Shantell R. Washington, $180,000. N ST TAMMANY PARISH REAL ESTATE MARKET REPORT Turner Real Estate Group 111 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 101 Mandeville, LA 70448 . St. Tammany Parish list of all Boards & Commissions Louisiana Legislative Auditor To report fraud, waste, and abuse, contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline: call 1-844-50 FRAUD (503-7283) Fax: 1-844-40 FRAUD (403-7283) Mail: P.O. S. Military Road, portion of ground: $54,000, Jimmy W. Carpenter and Jacqueline E. Carpenter to JLG Living Trust. St. Tammany property transfers, Aug. 9-15, 2022: See a list of home and other sales . The remains were discovered near the St. Tammany Parish-Washington Parish line, but the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office, which was called to the scene, remains the agency in . Division of Abita Springs subdivision, lot 1-A, square 24: $15,000, Theone Mandle Bannon to J-Sat LLC. Eagle Drive 609: Combined Forces LLC to 609 Eagle Drive LLC, $325,000. Near Mandeville, portion of ground: St. Tammany Parish to Tidal Group LLC, $4,400. Winners Circle 8092: $568,500, Antonio E. Martin and Mindy Ann Cordell Martin to Paul M. Bovet and Cara L. Bovet. Sycamore Place 1325: $325,000, Vance Gonlag Jr. and Brittany R. Gonlag to George J. Thorne and Patsy B. Thorne. Ridgefield Drive 749: $248,505, DSLD Homes LLC to Justin G. Serpas, Debra C. Serpas and Krystal S. Buras. See a list of home and other sales | AllSides Join Don't be fooled by media bias & misinformation. Saw Grass Loop 220: DSLD Homes LLC to Tristan L. Bryan and Kayla M. Bryan, $346,085. Zoning summary. Parkview Blvd. Maria Drive 28154: $735,000, Delbert Ray Frederick and Sybil R. Frederick to Janet Morrow Wakeland and Douglas L. Wakeland. Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from Jan. 20-26, 2023. st tammany property transfers, april 2021. minneapolis crime statistics by race / blackpink members height in feet and weight / blackpink members height in feet and weight Claiborne Trails Drive 624: DSLD Homes LLC to Andrew D. Barthelemy and Ariana Neiko Encalade, $239,575. E. Louisiana 22 127, Unit W-7: Chad D. Readlinger to Jon D. Semmens and Suzanne W. Semmens, $237,500. TAMMANY Transfers for April 5-11 PEARL RIVER HOWARD O'BERRY ROAD 37468: $28,000, Juan L. Hines Kellar to Frank J. Conforto III and Karen F. Imbraguglio. Constitution Drive 1415: donation, no value stated, Brandon S. Dussouy to Jessica L. Russell. . Homewood Drive 619: $257,000, Succession of Keith P. Maher to Gregory A. Rolllins and Rachel R. Rollins. Town of Mandeville, lot 44, square 32: Craig D. Boes and Lynn C. Boes to Inge S. Griffith, John R. Love and Christa G. Love, $120,000. Trace Loop 62: $228,500, Arthur C. Ankesheiln Jr. and Cynthia M. Ankesheiln to Justin G. Lala. InsideOut checked recent real estate transactions to see what the same price point buys in different neighborhoods. Beau Arbre subdivision, Phase 1, lot 29: donation, no value stated, Nicole Barthel to Paul Strohmeyer. Jade Court 348: $463,000, Neil W. Pierson and Jan Roman Pierson to Dominic M. Newell and Amanda N. Newell. Brown's Village subdivision, lot 21, square B: Robert J. Huestess to Sunny Sod and Sodding Services LLC, $35,000. Blue Crane 228 No. Im Zeitraum 2021 bis 2022 war die Sterberate der 75- bis 84-Jhrigen bei hoher Impfquote tendenziell hher. ST. TAMMANY Transfers for Nov. 1-8 ABITA SPRINGS ABITA OAKS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT RC2B: $200,000, Mark & Kasey LLC to Conner Reed King and Natalie . Sweet Bay Drive 680: $470,000, Jeanne Imm Murray to Byron J. Moss and Angela Moss. Destin St. 2041: Joseph A. Ponceti III to Ma Elona O. Ponceti, donation, no value stated. Data is compiled from public records. Autumn Gardens Drive 628: Darling Design Homes Inc. to Maria C. Fontenot, $275,000. Whisperwood Blvd. Gum Drive 4346: $155,000, Matthew T. Hellmers and Heather W. Hellmers to Herman Adams. Country Club Drive 173: $365,000, Black Oak Holdings LLC to Philippe Meraux. Winter Jr., donation, no value stated. 3ba. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Anna L. Martin, $255,595. Vesper Lane 1322: $410,000, Hans C. Govertsen and Michelle Butler Govertsen to Michael Paul Zulli and Jenny D. Zulli. St. Tammany property transfers, Jan. 18-23, 2023.