All guests staying at the Vila are required to familiarise themselves with these guidelines at the beggining of their stay.


1. Arrival and Departure


1.1 The guest will be accommodated only upon presentation of a valid identification document at the reception. The reception of the Vila has the same opening hours of the café.

1.2 For accommodation and services connected with it the guest is obliged to pay according to the current valid price list of the operator, immediately upon accommodation.

1.3 Guest rooms with room keys can be rented daily from 14:00 until the café closes.

1.4 At the beginning of the accommodation, the guest takes over the room free from any defects, if any defects are discovered it is obligatory to announce them at the reception or to the manager of the Vila. If the room or other equipment of the Vila is damaged, whether due to negligence or intentionally, the guest is obliged to pay for this damage.

1.5 The room must be empty and the keys from the locked room handed over to the receptionist at the end of the stay no later than 11:00am. The Receptionist will make a brief check of the room. If the guest leaves the room before the reception is open, the guest is obliged to leave the keys in the mailbox located at the main exit of the boarding house. If the keys are not properly handed over before 11:00am, the guest will be charged for the next day.

1.6 If a guest leaves a room with incomplete or damaged equipment, the damage must be paid for in full.

1.7 If a guest wishes to extend the period of their stay, he or she may be offered a different room than the one in which they were originally accommodated.

1.8 It is possible to get to the Vila by motor vehicle but only on access roads and to park in places designated for the Vila, ie directly in its vicinity. The gateway to the guest house is controlled by a central remote control, which is located next to the main entrance to the guest house. If the guest wants to open the gate on arrival, they leave the vehicle in front of the gate, go through the entrance gate to the central controller. Gate control is a one-time push of the central controller button. Then the gate opens. The guest must wait until the gate is fully open and immediately move into or out of the guest house. The host must not stay unnecessarily in the area of the moving gate when entering or exiting.


2. Rules for the behaviour of guests in the guest house and in the rooms


2.1 It is strictly forbidden to enter the Vila by persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances and any persons in quarantine. It is also forbidden to bring alcohol, psychotropic or narcotic substances into the building.

2.2 There is a strict ban on smoking/e-cigarettes and fire making in all areas of the building.

2.3 It is forbidden for guests to enter areas marked for staff only.

2.4 Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 who is responsible for the child.

2.5 Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the Vila.

2.6 In order to maintain a clean environment, guests are kindly requested to properly clean their shoes when entering the building.

2.7 It is forbidden to dispose of garbage outside the designated areas or to otherwise pollute the environment, inside or outside the guest house.

2.8 Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances (excluding personal hygiene appliances) or extension leads/cables. Guests must not dispose of the equipment, make any adjustments or interfere with the electrical network or other installation without the consent of the board administrator.

2.9 In the case of any damage to the equipment in the room or common areas of the Vila or for the loss of keys, the operator is entitled to require a corresponding financial compensation from the guest.

2.10 Quiet time in the Vila building is from 22:00 until 06:00 and all guests are required to observe it.

2.11 The whole Vila is monitored by CCTV

2.12. It is forbidden to store and manipulate materials and objects that are not connected to the operation of the premises.

2.13 It is forbidden to damage and handle fire protection equipment (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire closures and fire detectors) if there is no fire hazard and there is no need to use them.

2.6 Guests are required to comply with the general principles of safe behaviour


3. Liability for damage to property and health


3.1 Everyone is required to secure their belongings in such a way as to prevent them from being stolen or damaged, including things left in parked vehicles. The operator of the Vila is liable for there loss and damage only under the conditions and up to the amount stipulated by the civil law.

3.2 The property of the accommodated guests is insured against theft only when due care is taken, so always lock the main entrance and the room.

3.3 The operator has taken all precautions to avoid damage to the health of the guests. The operator is not responsible for the health of guests during normal operation, so we ask guests not to leave persons that require supervision unattended. The health and life of the accommodated guests are not covered by the operator.

3.4 Everyone present is obliged to immediately report a fire, a situation requiring police intervention or medical treatment at the reception desk or the closest employee of the guest house, and within their capabilities to do everything possible to prevent the spread of fire or to avert the imminent danger and follow the fire alarm directive suspended in the corridor on individual floors.


Emergency phone numbers:


Telephone Emergency Advice 112

Ambulance 155

Fire Brigade 150

Police 158


4. Others


4.1 Changing of bed linen is done once a week, changing of towels, baskets, toilet paper are as required or on demand.

4.2 Drying of linen on the heating elements in the rooms is prohibited.

4.3 Defects must be reported to the Vila manager or to the reception immediately.

4.4 In the case of damage to any equipment of the room or common areas of the Vila or for the loss of keys, the operator is entitled to require a corresponding financial compensation from the guest.

4.5 Non-resident visitors are only allowed in rooms with the consent of the Vila owner.

4.6 All guest are required to observe these accommodation rules. In case of violation, the management of the Vila is entitled to terminate the accommodation immediately and without compensation.

4.7 When leaving the room, the guest is obliged to switch off all lights in the room and the bathroom and turn off small appliances (for example personal hygiene), lock the door of the room and lock the front door when entering and leaving.